Cable ties with eyelet
Cable ties with eyelet
Cable ties with eyelet for mounting to structures

Cable ties with eyelet for mounting to structures

This is one way to attach a cable tie to any type of surface without the use of a mounting block.  Cable ties with an eyelet provides a way for a bolt or screw to anchor the tie to the surface.

Cable ties with a mounting eyelet are listed  from  4 inch to 14.5 inch. 
Tensile strengths of  18 lbs to 120 lbs.

Screw mount cable tie

Screw mount cable tie

Natural (white),UV Black cable tie with eyelet for screw mounting
SCREW MOUNT CABLE TIE available in18 lbs tensile to 120 lbs tensile strengths.
Can be used on concrete structures with anchoring kits listed below.  & 
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