Welcome  to  GALLANT & COMPANY electrical wire ties (cable wire management products) on-line store.  Our service went on-line in 2006 and operates 24/7 from Leduc, Alberta. FREE delivery service is provided for metro Edmonton and Nisku customers. Overnight delivery is available for Calgary,Fort McMurray,Red Deer,Grande Prairie districts just to name a few.

       Purchases can be filled by phoning 1-780-980-2374 or toll free in North America (1-866-980-2374) or 24/7 online by using our secured checkout page.  With services of UPS,FedEx,USPS,Canada Post, and others we deliver product across Canada,U.S.A. and other countries directly or by partnering in Europe and Asia.

Our site provides a selection of various types and sizes of cable ties made of nylon 6/6 or stainless steel. 

We also offer other wire management products such as cable tie installation tools,anchoring sticky backed blocks,crimp-on wire connectors and tools, ratchet cable cutters and more. We are committed to being a small operator with quality and reliable service. 

The lists provided on our website http://www.electricalwireties.com are suggested retail pricing in Canadian Dollars.   

Discounted prices will be provided for large quantity lots by contacting us.

We accept PayPal,Visa, Mastercard on our secure checkout page or by telephone.
If using American Express, customer must call our toll free number
IMPORTANT NOTE: Customers have no public access to our store, it is online purchases or telephone orders only.

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