Re-usable cable ties.

RELEASEABLE (RE-USABLE) whichever term you may want to use, is a cable tie that can be used for temporary situations, such as when assembling panels, storing small bundles of wire cables etc. 

Sizes available  are 6" to 14.5" with 50 lbs tensile rating. Other sizes can be provided by contacting us.

Can be released and re-used
Release type 2
07.87" Re-Usable cable tie          (UV Black)     100 per pack (SKU: GRT8-50-0C)07.87" Re-Usable cable tie (UV Black) 100 per pack (SKU: GRT8-50-0C)
07.87" Re-Usable cable tie          (white)     100 per pack (SKU: GRT8-50-9C)07.87" Re-Usable cable tie (white) 100 per pack (SKU: GRT8-50-9C)Natural (white) Re-usable (re-leaseable) cable tie  & 
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